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Charitable Giving

In defining a lasting legacy, giving back to your community may be a paramount goal for you. Using our extensive experience and expertise in impactful giving, we will assist in defining charitable goals and identify the best strategies to meet those goals.  

When you work with us, we will:

Discuss Your Charitable Goal
Whether you want to give gifts large or small, immediately or as an end of life contribution, we will discuss your short and long-term objectives to identify the best path forward.

Recommend the Best Options for Giving
Through a series of questions,we will identify the best vehicles for your generosity. Interested in scholarships, endowments, charitable trusts, or outright gifts of cash or appreciated assets? We can help guide your decision-making to meet your goals while maximizing the best tax benefits.

Make Giving A Family Affair
There are many tools that can extend a legacy of giving between generations. We provide education and guidance on due diligence processes to ensure your charitable gifts are making the impact intended.