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The Good Kind of Growth

By Colleen Gillespie, CTFA, AIF®

Sawston Wealth Management is growing! Sometimes, growth occurs whether we’re ready or not. But we work with our clients to seek purposeful growth towards their goals, so it’s only fair for us to take a sip of our own medicine. We have been working on building out the firm for a few years and that takes time, some misses with important lessons, lots of patience, and luck! 

One thing we didn’t plan, but recently realized is that we currently have someone from four different decades and generations. We have a Baby Boomer (guess who), Gen X, a Millennial/Gen Y, and now a Gen Z! Each generation brings a unique set of values, viewpoints, and motivations. At a recent training at a Board retreat for Capital Medical Center, Cheryl Fambles, CEO of the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council presented the following slide highlighting the generational differences. This provides both a challenge, and an opportunity for growth for our firm, and our interactions with clients that represent different generations as well. 

This multi-generational phenomenon is the new normal. We hope by sharing this graph, we will all gain a better understanding and respect for what makes each of us tick.

Joining us in May, we welcomed Peter Samuelson, our summer intern from Washington State University. Peter, our Gen Z representative, is in his final year as a Finance major and has immersed himself in everything from the mundane to presenting research he completed on stock positions at a recent client meeting. He performed beautifully and made us proud. We’ve told him that we have “dibs” on him after he graduates next year, so hopefully, we’ll be seeing him a lot more.

Over nine months ago, I received a call from a long-time friend interested in our business and the financial industry. We chatted about the good, the bad, and the ugly, and she continued down a path interviewing with a national firm. My only request was the opportunity to meet one more time before any final decision was made. Alas, it took a bit of time, but we’re thrilled to welcome Dana Pethia as our newest full-time employee. Dana is currently entrenched in studying for her Series 65 registration exam, which frankly, is not the best way to motivate or excite someone about our business, but a necessary beginning. We look forward to supporting Dana in her new career as a financial advisor. 

The future is indeed bright for Sawston Wealth Management. We hope you’ll take a moment to get to know more about Peter and Dana through this newsletter.