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Spring Into Fitness

By Colleen Gillespie, CTFA, AIF®

With the beginning of Spring comes a promise of not only better weather, but also renewal. It’s a time to get outside and do some gardening and clean-up from whatever winter left behind. For us gardeners, we know we must tend to the soil and garden beds in the early days of spring to get ready for seasonal planting. This means removing weeds and possibly adding some type of fertilizer to encourage new growth.

The same “gardening” process can be used to improve our financial fitness and satisfaction with where we are at in reaching our financial goals. We can learn bad habits throughout the year and some pruning may be needed, or perhaps a change in strategy is warranted. 

Another ritual of spring, tax season, is also a humbling exercise on what we could or should do differently to reduce the check we have to write each year to the IRS or increase the amount of a refund. If you find yourself wondering what you could do differently, we have a tool you can use to assess your satisfaction with your financial life and determine if you are on track to reaching your goals. Just click on the link below to get started. We encourage spouses and partners to complete a separate survey for themselves as a starting point to a healthy conversation. The next step is to make an appointment with us to discuss the findings and develop new strategies to get to your ideal financial situation. 

As with any time of renewal, we may not get it right the first time and may have to experiment with what works. The key is to remain focused on the end goal and we’ll help you with the steps to success.

Financial Satisfaction Survey