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Meet Our New Operations Manager Vicki Jovanovic

1. Tell me about yourself. Where are you from? What led you to Sawston?

Thanks for asking! I am a former music teacher turned office manager. I taught at an international school in Asia before transitioning to the Olympia School District as an elementary music teacher. This year, I decided to pivot my career trajectory from music to finance. I am an educator at heart, so one of my favorite parts of working at Sawston is educating clients and helping them reach their goals. I connected with Sawston through Stacey Belser, one of our Financial Advisors. She and I became friends as co-volunteers at church.

2. Share three words that best describe you.

I’m not good at this. I need help. Friendly? Hard-working? Competent? Willing to jump in? 

According to Clifton, my top five strengths are positivity, includer, individualization, arranger, and learner.

3. How would you describe what Sawston does for its clients to a small child?

Sawston helps people sleep better at night!

But really, our goal is to help people define their financial goals and make them a reality. I know I definitely sleep better at night knowing my retirement and children’s financial futures are as secure as they can be!

4. What is your Enneagram type and how does that fit your current role?

I am an enneagram 7, the adventurer. I am always thinking and always looking for new things to learn, new people to meet, and new ways to make life better and more joyful for the people around me. I love meeting clients and making them feel at home in the office and with our team. I also love the education side of my role. I love communicating with clients and helping them see the possible ways of meeting their goals and helping them understand the process.

5.  What/Where do you have at the top of your bucket list?

In my wildest dreams, I live in a stone cottage on the edge of an English village with a beautiful country garden.

 6. If you were to write a memoir about yourself, what would you title it?

“What Comes Next?” or something future-oriented. I’m always on the lookout for the next adventure, the next thing to learn, or the next new thing to try so I think that would be a major theme in my memoir.

7. Are you a morning or night person?

I’m definitely not a night owl! I’m also not an early riser who enjoys leaping out of bed by 5:30 am. I find 7am the perfect wake-up time and I’m definitely ready for bed by 9:00 pm! More important for me than the time is my morning routine. If I have time to be alone, move my body, and do my morning devotions before anyone else is awake, I know I’ve set myself up for a successful day.

8. If you could quickly and easily learn a new skill what would it be and why?

Business-wise, I’d love to be a master software developer! I love the idea of creating beautiful, functional websites with logic! Hobby-wise, I’d love to take a watercolor class or learn to create my own English garden here in Olympia.

9. What are some of your favorite weekend activities?

Hiking, running, walking, or just being outside in general while spending time with my amazing husband and kids. Filling my brain with new knowledge. Meeting a friend for coffee.

10. What is your favorite quote?

Honestly, I don’t have one. There are too many wonderful quotes to choose from. It’s the same reason I don’t have a favorite food. I could never narrow it down to one! If I had to pick one it would be about treating others with kindness.

Vicki and her family hiking at Mt. Rainier.