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Introducing SawstonDirect

 By Stacey Belser

Our financial needs have life cycles, just like most things. We want to work with your busy schedule while keeping your financial wellness a top priority. As a client of Sawston Wealth Management, we offer different levels of service to meet you at your current life stage. If you don’t need the “full meal deal” of financial planning and investment management, or you’re new to investing, don’t worry, you will have access to professionally managed portfolios by local advisors that get to know you and your current needs. You choose the level of service that fits you best. Here are the differences between Sawston Direct and Sawston Advisory: 

Are you wondering if SawstonDirect is an option for you? Give us a call or set up a meeting with one of our advisors and we can guide you on the path that is right for you! 

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