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Goal Tracking for Professionals

By Stacey Belser

Goal setting can be a challenging process but keeping track of those goals and seeing them through is where most people struggle. No matter the type of goal - financial, wellness, spiritual, or all of the above, when you have them written (or typed) out then you can share them with others and measure your progress. Here are some tools to find your perfect tracking method. 

Planners, pens, and paper to see and touch those goals more your style? Then these products are for you! 

PowerSheets by Cultivate What Matters. These are not your daily planners. They are specifically for goal setting with the SMART goal setting technique in mind. It includes pages to work through on how to set good goals, and then each month has a monthly, weekly, and daily tracker to make progress on the goals you have identified. Their motto is "progress over perfection" and really helps you dig into what matters most, so you can live life on purpose. I have used PowerSheets in the past and really enjoyed the process and beautifully designed product. If you are interested in the PowerSheets you can find more information here

Productivity Planner is a great resource if you have your goals, and struggle with the action plan. Maybe you like to do a million things at once, then this planner will keep you focused on the steps it takes to achieve your goal. It is very visual and lets you see what your wins and shortcomings are on a daily basis. It forces you to prioritize your life. It increases your productivity and forces you to make choices you might not otherwise make. It is also rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon! If you want more information on the Productivity Planner you can go here. 

Journaling - It doesn't have to be fancy, and sometimes this works best for people. Having a notebook that is specifically for your goals is helpful to keep track of your wins, losses, and overall progress. Using the SMART goal setting process to help you stay on track in your journal can be useful. It has been used by many professions for many years and it works. So remember to set SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. 

Maybe a digital approach is going to keep you more accountable with your goals. Here are some apps to keep you on track! 

Strides is an app that uses the tried and true SMART method. It is totally flexible. With four unique tracker types, you can track anything that matters to you, and it’s easy to customize to fit your needs. This is another app with a desktop and smartphone version that syncs together so you can track on the go, or at the office. I have just started using this app, and it is very easy to use. If you would like more information in the Strides app you can go here. 

Asana is not just an app but also a desktop version that links together. This is perfect for the professional that works from everywhere. It is typically used for project management, but your "projects" are your goals. It also gives you two ways to set up how you view your goals. It has checklists that you can set dates and reminders for, and also allows you to repeat tasks that you want to track on a daily basis (like drinking enough water for the day.) Asana is really great if you work on a team or with someone on your goals. You can invite them to view your goals, and action steps. If you need a little encouragement or accountability, then you can assign them tasks to help you stay on track. You can find more information about Asana here. 

Your Phone's Calendar. Getting back to the basics. If you know what your goals are and you have a timeline and action plan, then put the deadlines in your phone and set an alarm to check in with yourself. It doesn't have to be complicated for it to be effective! 

So, you have this list of some paper and digital tools to keep your goals on track. Now it is time to find an accountability partner. Talk to a friend, partner, or colleague that you trust and let them know your big plans for 2019. Ask them to check in with you on a regular basis so you can talk about your progress or your slips, so you can make adjustments throughout the year. If you are struggling with setting or keeping your financial goals then we can help you! If you’d like to discuss your finances just give us a call or feel free to book an appointment

We are wishing you a healthy and happy 2019!